Cavitron Buzzbait
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Cavitron™ is still proving to everyone that it is second to none. It is used by many pros on the BASSMASTER Elites as well as the FLW tournament trail.

      Cavitron™ sports all the finest materials from it's patented blade right to the sharpest Hooks.

      We are proud to bring you this world renowned buzzbait designed by 3-time BASSMASTER Classic Qualifier Lee Bailey, Jr. Cavitrons Unique combination of the precision gold anodized Cavitron™ Prop, the patented "STEALTH" body and oxbow bend has been unchanged and will continue to allow Cavitron™ to Slowly crawl across the Surface. Cavitron™ is produced in the USA with the highest quality USA components:


     The blades were designed to capture as much air as possible while rotating on the surface. It is this capturing of air that allows our blade to turn quicker (with less friction) at a much slower rate of retrieve. Thus allowing Cavitron™ to be "The slowest Buzzbait EVER!".

Cavitron Buzzbait

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