Cavitron Clacker Buzzbait
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 Megastrike Cavitron Clacker Buzzbait now comes equipped with an extra loud clacker, making it an ideal choice for fishing in stained water or low light conditions.

Featuring the same construction that made the original Cavitron Buzzbait so successful, it is built with an oxbow bend, which allows it to ride deeper in the water. It is also armed with a super sharp Mustad Ultra Point Hook that sits further back, resulting in a much higher hooks up percentage, while eliminating the need for a rear trailer hook.

Its keel shaped head enables it to instantly plane and run true as soon as you start your retrieve, and its patented blade features four stamped holes, which provides less turning resistance, enabling the Cavitron Clacker Buzzbait to be retrieved at lower speeds than traditional buzzbaits. Available in a wide range of colors, the Megastrike Cavitron Clacker Buzzbaits add a new noise element to your Cavitron Buzzbait arsenal.

Cavitron Clacker Buzzbait

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