Grid Iron Dock Rocker Jig
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The Grid Iron Dock Rocker is an excellant all around jig. This is a great jig to fish in just about any condition.  From light weeds, to rock, to heavy brush its a great all around fish catching machine.  Where the Grid Iron Dock Rocker really shines is it skips easily under docks or trees.

The Grid Iron Dock Rocker is built with a Owner Round Bend Widegap hook. These hooks are, extremely strong, durable and sharp. 

The paint is a powder coat that is heat cured for an extremely durable finish. The weedgaurd has fewer strands then our arky heads for a more finesse or lighter approach.

The skirt is made from approximately 55 strands which you can choose if you want it wire tied for long lasting durability, banded for easy changeability, or rattle banded for extra noise for those murky water conditions.

First we use an Owner Round Bend Widegap hook.  Owners Description: Flip 'n' pitch jig hooks, with a 60° eye-bend and a heavy-duty, forged XXX strong shank, ideal for horsing big bass out of heavy cover. Features include Cutting Point® and black finish.




Grid Iron Dock Rocker Jig

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