We believe strongly in the benefits of Bass fishing with the hightest quality jigs. Our countless hours of research and development will serve you well, regardless of your current experience level.  The quality and versatility of our products we offer will maximize your time on the water. We all know how precious such hard earned time is. Our pledge, is to provide the very best support, value, and product possible.

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    Tungsten Rocket Weights Force Beads
    Tungsten Rocket WeightsForce Beads

    Our Rocket Weights are harder and have a higher density than their lead, brass or steel counterparts. Their smaller diameters allow them to slip in and out of cover with fewer snags, and their added hardness provides increased sensitivity,...

    Made from a unique, synthetic material that produces an extremely loud and enticing sound, the Force Bead is perfect for Carolina-rigging and other applications where a glass or plastic bead is usually used. In addition to the louder rattling...