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Locked Up Swimbait Head Fat Swing Impact Swing Impact
Locked Up Swimbait HeadFat Swing ImpactSwing Impact
The Locked Up Swimbait head is a wicked swimbait head. It incorporates a spring coil to hold the bait on longer and this in turn helps keep the swimbait from tearing. This means more fish per swimbait. CUSTOM BUILT TO ORDER MUSTAD ULTRA POINT...

The Keitech FAT Swing Impact redefines swimbait performance. Keitech's revolutionary two-tone injection process uses several different types of salted plastics to achieve perfect balance & action. The most impressive feature of these great...

The Keitech Swing Impact is a proven Tournament winner. These versatile swimbaits come in three sizes to match any fishing conditions. Keitech's original two-tone color injection process uses different types of salted plastics to achieve better...