Mega Strike Scent
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MegaStrike Fish Attractant has accounted for hundreds of thousands of dollars on the Pro Tour. This scientifically formulated attractant took years to develop and is now ready to help you catch fish. The developer identified specific amino acids that trigger a bass' feeding response. He then formulated the smells and tastes to be identical to a bass' favorite creatures. Endorsed by bass fishing legend Roland Martin and Lee Bailey Jr., this is the attractant you've seen on TV and heard about on the dock. Mega Strike is a thick gel that stays on your lure longer and comes in a convenient squeeze tube. Try the newest, most scientific fish attractant on the market today.

Net Weight 57 grams (2.25oz)

Mike Iaconelli used Megastrike Fish Attractant which helped him finish 2nd in the 2009 Bassmaster Classic.



Mega Strike Scent

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