Scented LeechZ™
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Sporting bulbous tails, ribbed bodies and textured, lifelike bellies, the new Scented LeechZ are anything but your ordinary drop-shot baits. While 10X Tough ElaZtech® construction reduces tearing when nose hooked, the bait's outstanding buoyancy and incredibly soft material will elicit tail rises and dances, even on a slack line. Equally effective when rigged on a jig for bass and walleye, LeechZ are scented with 100% natural Pro-Cure Leech Super Gel to simulate the real McCoy.

  • Designed in conjunction with BASS Elite Pro David Walker
  • 10X Tough ElaZtech construction for extreme durability and buoyancy
  • Impregnated with 100% natural Pro-Cure Leech Super Gel scent
  • 3" length
  • Offered in 5 colors
  • 6 baits per pack
  • Made in the USA

Scented LeechZ™

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