Shake2 Pro Model Shakey Heads
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   Finesse fishing will never be the same with our new e2 Shakey Head advanced stabile football head. Finesse fishing a small worm or craw on light line allows you to focus on finicky, non-aggressive bass. Bobby Uhrig (President and Owner of MegaStrike) created the most unique design to come along to shakey head fishing since the technique began.

      This jig head is the most universal shakey head ever designed. The hyrdodynamically balanced head lands on the fulcrum every time, keeping the bait in an upright position. Now matter how the bait is casted, the jig head will land nose down with the tail end upright. The design also offer a counter balancing system so no matter how it lands the bait will roll forward into an upright postion. Keeping your bait upright as opposed to laying on it's side like most other jig heads makes the bait seem more life like, resulting in more strikes from fish.

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Shake2 Pro Model Shakey Heads

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